Security Advice

30 September 2014

National Personal Safety Day

National personal safety day is on the 6th October 2014, the theme of this year's event is 'Door 2 Door'. This guide will help advice how to stay safe during your journey to work, school, to the shops, using public transport or walking. 

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31 August 2014

Lone Worker Protection

Keeping your staff safe and secure while they go about their duties is essential. Being a lone worker carries certain risks from violence, verbal abuse, illness or injury. If you have members of staff which work alone at any time of the day or night they are classed as a lone worker. 

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25 July 2014

Staying Safe on a Night Out

Having a night out on the town with friends can be a great time to relax, have a drink and enjoy yourself. However in doing so you are putting yourself at risk from the nighttime economy. Thames Valley Police have listed their essential top ten tips for staying safe on a night out. 


10 July 2014

What is a Personal Alarm

A personal alarm, or rape alarm, is intended to shock and disorientate and attacker giving you those precious few seconds to get away. A pin is pulled away from the alarm which will release a powerful siren. The defender range are high powered sirens and small, compact designs perfect to carry with you at all times. There are many different types suitable for elderly, bags or joggers. 

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